I did it! I made gluten free bread in my bread-maker: and it is better than Rudi’s:

and it is less expensive! Doing my proud dance for myself. whoo YAH

Here is the directions for the bread-maker with a link to gluten free girl‘s recipe:

directions for bread-maker baking

crusty boule recipe to use with above directions

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Gluten Free journey

A memory. Traveling in the family mini van with three beautiful children. On our way to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. He leaning sideways moaning. Why do I always get sick on my birthday?

Rashes. Nausea. Diarrhea. Severe abdominal pain. Moodiness.

His innate athleticism was squandered. His every day life stymied by inexplicable illness.

More questions. Why do I always get sick when we eat at a restaurant? 

The doctor who had my husband as a patient has no answers. The doctor who goes beyond the traditional methods discovered gluten intolerance. We took gluten out of my son’s diet and he quickly recovered.

His life was dramatically changed by a gluten sensitivity diagnosis. It took too long. He suffered unnecessarily.

Gluten makes me fat and gassy.

Bread is a nemesis to us all!

I have a son who is sensitive to gluten and he has strong side effects. I took advice, and though I tolerate gluten, since it makes me very gassy and bloated, I am very focused on avoiding it. I find it to be very easy now. When we first realized the problems gluten caused our son, switching was like a swimmer who had to find an alternative to water.