I did it! I made gluten free bread in my bread-maker: and it is better than Rudi’s:

and it is less expensive! Doing my proud dance for myself. whoo YAH

Here is the directions for the bread-maker with a link to gluten free girl‘s recipe:

directions for bread-maker baking

crusty boule recipe to use with above directions

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Words of wisdom about healthy living from Andrea


Hi everyone,

my name is Andrea, I am 20 and I am currently studying Journalism at the City University in a wonderful city of London. Couple of years ago I started to be interested in healthy lifestyle , and as I was monitoring huge changes on myself within very short period of time, I decided to run a blog and spread the magic of the power of healthy and full-value life which everyone of us deserves. I am more than happy to welcome you on my own personal blog called: ” Health is From Heaven “

Living in the 21st century:

when we are married to our computers, rather than dreams
when everyday stress is treated by medium latte rather than 5 minutes long walk in the park
when food is not meant to nourish us but cause us addictions and illnesses
when low-cost fast foods make us forget the price of our health
and when the ‘spiritual’ is constantly being separated from the ‘physical’
In this blog you will find posts about healthy lifestyle,easily prepared and healthy recipes, interviews with various interesting people on lifestyle, health, diet, exercise, and many other inspirational and motivational articles, videos and music.


It’s time to catch up on Rachael!

I have been gone for the weekend and run down this week with a son who has some virus including high fever, etc.  I would not have imagined it myself but here it is…. drum roll please…

…..I miss cooking and eating my own creations!

It is time to get back on the track…

watch Rachael Ray, get inspired, plan, shop, cook, eat!


Gluten makes me fat and gassy.

Bread is a nemesis to us all!

I have a son who is sensitive to gluten and he has strong side effects. I took advice, and though I tolerate gluten, since it makes me very gassy and bloated, I am very focused on avoiding it. I find it to be very easy now. When we first realized the problems gluten caused our son, switching was like a swimmer who had to find an alternative to water.

7 months to go toward having a healthy lifestyle

Almost every time I see my face or whole body in a mirror I am surprised at the woman I see is me! I used to be slender….ummm…before babies; my youngest are almost ten! I feel like I am a size 6 living in a size 16 body.

I finally realized that nothing would change unless I did something about it. I actually believed the weight would come off as easily as the cheesecake and fast food slid down my throat. So, with a more realistic view of my life, in January 2013, I set a goal. By 2014 I would be living a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise.

Four months in, and only ten pounds lighter, I am acutely aware that the next eight months must be different. I must move my body. I must cut carbs.