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     Information came to my attention that has captured my imagination entirely. Shortly afterwards my ten year old daughter, who resists reading though she entirely enjoys listening to someone read to her, stumbled upon A Series of Unfortunate Events and she is excited to read. I was delighted, then thrilled, for it dawned upon me: that which captured her imagination was closely linked to that which captured mine.

     It is Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) who wrote the series. An article on Daniel and his wife, author and graphic artist Lisa Brown, has intrigued me. I can scarcely think of anything more charming (the life of Beatrix Potter comes to mind) than children’s authors’ lives together.

      Their telling of a typical morning fascinates me. He waking early, she pleading for five more minutes. He ready to write, she making a joke by wearing funny clothes to work by his side. I daydream of a life as an author. I imagine myself doing my morning chores and shuffling the kids off to school, then settling down to write happily until shuffling them home again. This new concept of companionship in a passion is like spring air to my dream.

     Their 8 year old son passes up Harry Potter for poetry. He saw his father mark a dot next to favorite poems and wants to do the same.  This anecdote captured my heart; my kids watch me read and write and are inspired once in a while: what would happen if I wrote something renown?!

     There are so many things that interest and inspire me about this delightful couple and their son. I want to know more about Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown, my daughter wants to read all of the books, I enjoy listening to her read the series aloud. What a fortunate event!

Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown

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It’s time to catch up on Rachael!

I have been gone for the weekend and run down this week with a son who has some virus including high fever, etc.  I would not have imagined it myself but here it is…. drum roll please…

…..I miss cooking and eating my own creations!

It is time to get back on the track…

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