Gluten Free journey

A memory. Traveling in the family mini van with three beautiful children. On our way to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. He leaning sideways moaning. Why do I always get sick on my birthday?

Rashes. Nausea. Diarrhea. Severe abdominal pain. Moodiness.

His innate athleticism was squandered. His every day life stymied by inexplicable illness.

More questions. Why do I always get sick when we eat at a restaurant? 

The doctor who had my husband as a patient has no answers. The doctor who goes beyond the traditional methods discovered gluten intolerance. We took gluten out of my son’s diet and he quickly recovered.

His life was dramatically changed by a gluten sensitivity diagnosis. It took too long. He suffered unnecessarily.


why reblog? cuz I want to be able to re-read this to my heart’s content

There is much to say about this piece. Suffice it to say, my husband and I were lamenting our son’s sixth grade graduation just minutes ago.