Words of wisdom about healthy living from Andrea


Hi everyone,

my name is Andrea, I am 20 and I am currently studying Journalism at the City University in a wonderful city of London. Couple of years ago I started to be interested in healthy lifestyle , and as I was monitoring huge changes on myself within very short period of time, I decided to run a blog and spread the magic of the power of healthy and full-value life which everyone of us deserves. I am more than happy to welcome you on my own personal blog called: ” Health is From Heaven “

Living in the 21st century:

when we are married to our computers, rather than dreams
when everyday stress is treated by medium latte rather than 5 minutes long walk in the park
when food is not meant to nourish us but cause us addictions and illnesses
when low-cost fast foods make us forget the price of our health
and when the ‘spiritual’ is constantly being separated from the ‘physical’
In this blog you will find posts about healthy lifestyle,easily prepared and healthy recipes, interviews with various interesting people on lifestyle, health, diet, exercise, and many other inspirational and motivational articles, videos and music.



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